Psycho Panda's Radical Splenectomy

If anyone asks, the altered perceptions of how the room is lit and how the people are percived are based only on Mr. P-Panda's reccolection while on anesthetics, so things look a bit altered. Other than that, the rest of the story depicts, true to life, the radical splenectomy of Mr. P-Panda (and the incompetence of the surgeons).


The splenectomy was needed because all of the seaweed that was ingested took away entirely the use for his spleen, but when he had to go into withdrawl from being on a desserted island, separated from all his seaweed supplies, he needed his spleen to function again, which it just didn't want to, so in the end, after being rescued by turdles and crabs and sent to the Indiappolis Hospital (why there I don't know), he got the medical attention he required, but the anesthetics he was given contained carageenan and it reminded his brain of the good old times when he had lots of seaweed, so instead ! of being sedated, his brain got jumpstarted, which gave the trainee surgeon and surgeoness a lot of problems, and this is a run on sentence.

© Brendan DeRoo

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