Psycho Panda Discovers Fire

Discovering fire

Psycho Panda found a village in the forest of his home. There were many, many people there, some shopping, some sleeping, and even some performing. His eyes immediately darted to the fire breather. He watched the pretty red flames dance and swing in the air. Finally, Psycho Panda couldn't resist anymore and grabbed the flaming stick from him. He blew at the stick but nothing happened. Frustrated, he took a strip of seaweed and gnawed on it to get his daily source of caffeine. He tried once more, and to his surprise, the flame jumped 30 feet in the air, all because of the fuel in the seaweed. He played with this for a couple minutes, occasionally burning a hut or setting fire to some of the stick people or sheep, nothing too major of course. The stick villagers got tired of the panda bear burninating all of their huts and livestock so they chased him out with pointed sticks and pitchforks. Later on he was arrested for arson but was released on account of the seaweed he chewed on contained a narcotic drug that was prone to make people marvel at bright and flickering things. After that, he went along on his way through the forest looking for more seaweed and lived happily ever after, until he got arrested again.

© Brendan DeRoo

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